Sunday, September 26, 2010

Entry for Project Water

Studio 2091 in Cuyahoga Falls is hosting an event called Project Water, an exhibit and sale to raise awareness about the importance of water. The gallery has provided these 6x6 inch tiles to artists around the world, who have been asked to convey their view of water. The profits will go to wildlife and water reclamation in the Gulf Coast. The exhibit begins on November 27.

It sounds like a great idea, so I picked up my tile about a week ago, and now my finished tile is ready to go back to the gallery this week.

My entry is in the same series as my Artomat paintings - it's a fish cut from origami paper, swimming on a background painted with acrylic paints. The series plays on several of my favorite things - the paper cutout images made by Matisse, and the childhood activity of cutting snowflakes and paper dolls from carefully folded sheets of paper. The title, "Seabloom", was suggested by @nerdytogether over on Twitter.

For more details about the project or Studio 2091, please visit their web site: