Thursday, June 12, 2008

Clematis on the Lampost

So this isn't exactly IN my studio -- it's OUTSIDE my studio. And I've been working on it, but not as an art project. It's been my gardening project. But let's not split hairs. Let's just enjoy it.

I planted this clematis last year, and it looked pathetic all summer. Over the winter it turned into a scrawny bare stick. It was a goner for sure.

Well, this spring it greened up and started growing. And grow it did -- right up the trellis and up the lamp post and all over the place.

This bloom was the first to open. It's a full 6 inches across, at least. Here's hoping for more like it.

UPDATE, SATURDAY, JUNE 14: It's a goner. The bunnies chewed through the stalk about an inch above the ground, so the vine is dying. Very sad. I'll replace it with another one, but will put chicken wire or something around it to keep out the bunnies.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Work in Progress: Spring Collage, continued

I've made some progress on Spring Collage lately. I'd estimate that this is about 40% done. Here's the original post:

The colors are a bit off, but probably better than the first post. Why I wait till after dark to take photos and then struggle with flash glare and color problems, I'll never know. :)

As for the other works in progress: I have not done much with the large mandala. And the small mandala has wandered off and gone missing. I'm sure it will turn up eventually.

See the original posts here:

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Drawing Day - June 7

Drawing Day 2008

Saturday, June 7 is Drawing Day, an informal event asking everyone to draw and post the results online. The goal is to create 1 million drawing that day.

Anyone can participate. All that's required is an interest in drawing. There are no rules other than that -- spend some time drawing, create one or as many as you like, in any medium, and then post the results online.

It sounds like fun. Saturday will be a busy day, but I'm planning to do some drawing myself. Join in!

Visit the web site for details: