Monday, January 08, 2007

ACEO of the Day on New Blog!

The daily ACEOs have been moved to a new blog of their own, aptly titled "ACEO of the Day" at this address: .

I will continue to make and post a new ACEO every day. I hope this exercise will help me:

  • Learn discipline by doing some artwork every day
  • Hone my skills
  • Record my painting ideas. (I have so many ideas for paintings, but many get lost because I don't sketch them or write them down soon enough. My ACEOs often become the inspiration for larger paintings.)

And, frankly, the exercise should be enjoyable. I love making these little cards! And once they stop being enjoyable, well, the cards will probably stop, too.

What are ACEOs? ACEO stands for Art Card, Editions, Originals. They are small but complete works of art that are exactly 2.5 x 3.5 inches -- the same size as a baseball trading card or playing card. The cards were originally intended to be traded amongst artists only, which many still are. Those cards are called ATCs (Artist Trading Cards). ACEOs are meant to be bought and sold, as mine are.

Try a search in your favorite search engine for ACEO; you'll be surprised at how many results you get. They are a remarkably hot little form of artwork -- both collectable and affordable.

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