Sunday, September 09, 2007

Organizing My Studio

Maybe it's the change of seasons, or maybe it's from being fed up with the mess -- but I tackled my studio today.

It was so bad -- it had become a dumping ground for all the accumulated stuff that wanders into my house looking for a home. I couldn't even see my drawing table. Canvases were piled in heaps. Bags sat on top of papers sat on top of books. What a mess.

I pulled everything out. Every last canvas, scrap of paper, and all the furniture. Cobwebs? Please don't ask me about the cobwebs.

The bookcase is now in the living room, where it's desperately needed for storing books. I bought a nice little cabinet that fits under the windows, and has nice little doors that close to keep out the cobwebs. It's full now, so I need to buy another.

It will probably take me another day or two to get everything sorted and organized, and then a while to redo the living room to make space for the bookcase.

But the studio is already feeling more comfortable and inviting. I can't wait to get in there and start using it!

And, no, I did not take "before" pictures. Might take some "afters".

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