Monday, March 16, 2009

Linda Hutchinson - Demo

Linda Hutchinson did a watercolor demo at the Hudson Society of Artists meeting tonight. Her intent was to have us practice hard and soft edges, saving the whites, and using textures. We were told to bring watercolor materials, but I chose to bring some new Koh-i-noor woodless colored pencils that I'd bought over the weekend.

She had us block out the white areas and work around them. Then she had us play with soft and hard edges -- first the bottom of the apple, then the top.

Lastly, we played with colors -- using a complementary color in the background and as an underpainting.

I really like these colored pencils, by the way. Very soft texture and juicy colors. No flaking, no breaking, no scratching. Just nice smooth color.

I lost my concentration by the time we got to the orange, especially since it was partially peeled. It smelled so good my stomach was rumbling! We each brought our own fruit, so I was preoccupied by the thought of taking a big bite out of it when I got home.

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