Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Spring

Sorry, there's no art here today. No paintings, no works in progress. I'm too busy being dazzled by spring.

Things are springing up all over, if you'll pardon the expression! Today was a lovely Easter with the family and far too many jelly beans and pink peeps. Just the way it should be.

The sight of my little herbs sprouting up in the window is just too much. They're so sweet and hopeful. Let me introduce the cast of characters:

On the far left is cilantro. I'm generally not crazy about cilantro (I think it tastes like soap) but I'm giving it a chance. It's certainly worth a try.

Second from left is dill. I love dill -- the feathery fronds, the smell. Wow. I had no idea the seeds were so huge. They looked like peppercorns.

The third is marjoram. The seeds for this one were tiny, like dust. I couldn't see them when I sprinkled them on the soil. I think I managed to dump them all in one pile, but it looks like they've figured out their space.

And on the far right is basil. My most favorite herb of all. I love it, love it, love it. My favorite summer afterwork snack is a Triscuit layered with a fresh basil leaf and a very thin slice of sharp cheddar. A few of those and a glass of crisp white wine on the deck. Now that's a little slice of heaven.

Basil did a stand in as a background for a new little Spring Flower ACEO. I'm happy with the way that photo turned out; might do more like that.

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