Sunday, May 24, 2009

Call for Artists: Out of the Box

Just received this call for entries from Joan Colbert. Sounds like a great idea! The entry form is at the end of this post. -- Karen

Out of the Box Exhibition and Auction
The concept is simple -- you donate your time and talents to create a box that is sold during the event's silent auction and AAAA and Summit Artspace Gallery benefit from your generosity. In turn, as artists, we all benefit from the existence of the AAAA and the presence of Summit Artspace, which is dedicated to showcasing work by local artists. Best of all, creating a box is fun! A box is whatever you interpret it to be. Think Out-of-the-Box and see where your imagination takes you! Your box can be traditional or outlandish, literal or conceptual, sculptural or two-dimensional. You can showcase your signature style or try your hand at something new. Whatever your take on it, there will surely be an art enthusiast who will wish to take it home.

New for 2009 - Bidding Begins In The Gallery!
From October 29 to November 7, our Out-of-the-Box works will be displayed at Summit Artspace. Bidding on the boxes will begin in the gallery this year giving more people a chance to participate. On Wednesday, October 28 contributing artists and the public will be invited to a special reception at the gallery where the boxes will debut and bidding will begin!

The Arts Alive! Awards
The Arts Alive! Awards will be held
Sunday, November 15 at Portage Country Club. The boxes will be transported from the gallery to the event for the last round of bidding. This biennial celebration honors individuals and groups that enrich our lives through their participation in arts and cultural activities and awards those whose achievements are outstanding. You can see past winners and photos of past Arts Alive! events at the AAAA web site. Over the years, the Out-of-the-Box creations have become collector's items for Arts Alive! guests, including artists, educators, business people and community and government leaders who attend the event.

The materials used to create your box contribution are tax-deductible. To thank you for donating, you will receive a one-year membership to AAAA and will enjoy great publicity and promotion along with increased exposure and name recognition. AAAA will also offer a 50% discount to box donors who sign up for the Summit Artspace Artists Directory. That's only $30 to be represented on the directory for one year. And remember, the money raised from our boxes helps support AAAA and Summit Artspace Gallery.

So join me at Out-of-the Box!
Attached is an Out-of-the-Box participation commitment form with all the details. You can go to the web sites if you want more information about AAAA, Arts Alive!, Summit Artspace or the Artists Directory -- .

Thank you in advance. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Joan Colbert
Out-of-the-Box Chairperson
email: joan (at) joancolbert (dot) com



Participation Commitment
I am delighted to showcase my creativity and help raise funds for AAAA and Summit Artspace by creating a box to be exhibited at Summit Artspace and auctioned as part of the Arts Alive! Awards on Sunday, November 15, 2009.

Please print:

Name _____________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________

City, State, Zip ___________________________________________

Telephone (AM) _____________________________________________
(PM) _________________________________________________

Email _____________________________________________________

In the past, boxes have ranged from functional to decorative. Boxes have been everything from jewelry boxes, mailboxes, spice boxes, hat boxes and desk boxes to sculptural boxes, paintings in shadow boxes, ceramic tiles and photographs of boxy things. Box sizes have ranged from 3 inches to 3 feet.

Box design specifications:
  • Be creative!
  • Your box may be a 3-dimensional container (lid optional), sculpture or 2-dimensional piece.
  • Your box can be functional or purely decorative.
  • Box shape is decided by the artist/designer. Size should be easily portable.
  • Materials used are decided by the artist/designer.
  • Boxes must be completed and delivered to Summit Artspace by Saturday, October 17. Drop off times at the AAAA office are Monday-Thursday 10 am to 3 pm or at the gallery Friday-Saturday noon to 5 pm.

Joan needs to receive your participation commitment ASAP (or no later than September 3, 2009.) Please complete this form and mail it right away to:

Akron Area Arts Alliance
140 E. Market Street
Akron, OH 44308
"Attention Joan"

Or FAX to 330-376-8470

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