Sunday, August 14, 2016

Coming Soon To An Art-o-Mat Near You

It’s been a while since my last series of artwork for Art-o-mat, and I’ve missed making them. I really enjoy working on these series, and love seeing these little guys come together.

My larger artwork has been exploring envelopes. They’re a dying art – who sends letters anymore? Envelopes (at the root, “envelop”) are meant to wrap and contain things, and then to be opened and the contents released. I’m interested in the contrast between open and closed, hidden and visible, and the emotions they evoke.

The current Art-o-mat series plays on the theme with a little handmade envelope with an unexpected surprise peeking out, attached to a wooden block covered in vintage map or book page. The surprise might be flowers or pets, people or sayings. They are light and humorous, and hopefully will give patrons a chuckle.

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