Thursday, August 06, 2009

An Unfair Trade?

I just received the contribution from Liz Crain for our deKooning-Rauschenberg art swap. I'm feeling like I've gotten the better end of this deal. Look at the fantastic ceramic bottle and wand she sent. They're designed for soap bubbles! The bottle even says "bubble soap" across the front in teal letters.

I only sent a little drawing, and she sent two wonderful pieces. Was I a little stingy? I didn't mean to be.

Honestly, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. Do I dare break it? Really? I could scratch it, paint over it, bury it in the yard for a month. Turn it into a mosaic.

Might have to enjoy it -- I mean contemplate it -- for a few days to come up with ideas. Suggestions, anyone?

I have to admit, though: I find it amusing that we both packaged our art carefully so that it would survive the trip in the mail unharmed.

Hers was packed securely in bubble wrap and paper. I wrapped mine in cellophane and reinforced it with cardboard. We knew it was going to be destroyed at the other end, but we still wanted it to arrive safely.

And, of course, as I unpacked her box, I handled both pieces very carefully so I wouldn't drop them. Made sure not to set them too close to the edge of the table so they wouldn't get bumped off. Funny, hm?

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