Friday, March 12, 2010

It's Plant A Flower Day...So I Did

Today is Plant a Flower Day. Never knew there was such a holiday, but I'm all for it! Much as I love flowers, it's perfect that such a holiday should fall on my birthday.

So, in honor of the day, I planted sunflower seeds. I bought this packet a couple weeks ago with hopeful thoughts of spring. 

Now, when I was a kid and wanted to start seeds, I would ask Mom for one of those cardboard egg cartons. I'd fill it with dirt and put in my seeds. When the plants were big enough to go outside, I'd cut the container up and plant each section in the yard - carton and all. 

I just assumed that was still how to do it, so off I trotted to the grocery last weekend to buy eggs in a cardboard carton. Would you believe that not a single brand of eggs at my store came in cardboard? All the cartons were styrofoam. Phooey.

Fortunately, I had this old ceramic planter in the garage and it will do fine for my seeds. The sunflowers will eventually go in my back yard against the side fence. They will get loads of sunshine and will be so bright and cheery! 

My only concern will be protecting them from the Ravenous Rabbits who live in my yard and can demolish anything green in no time flat. It seems like their diet correlates to my fondness for the plant: the more I like it, the faster they eat it. Yeah, yeah, they're cute and all, but not when they're mowing down my hostas. 

If they'd just consider changing their diet to weeds only, we'd get along so much better. :)

Keep your fingers crossed for these soon-to-be-giant sunflowers. Maybe I'll build little fences around them to keep the bunnies at bay.

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