Saturday, March 27, 2010

More Paintings For Artomat

I finished another batch of paintings for Artomat this week and popped them in the mail. Forty-six little gems are heading off to find new homes!

The style is the same as the previous batch - fish, flowers, a few snowflakes. I even snuck in a few birds this time: little tiny baby peeps. The blue painting in the upper left corner of the photo has birds. It's sideways in the box, so turn your head to the right to see it right side up.

It's so much fun putting these little paintings together. And I'm always delighted to find out where they end up.

I posted photos of the first batch in August 2009:

These little guys take me a fair amount of time: they get 2 coats of gesso (primer) first, then 2 coats of the background color (green, blue, or yellow), then 2 coats of the paint on top, then the paper cutouts get glued on, then 2 coats of clear, then labels on the back, and then the whole shebang is wrapped in plastic. Whew!

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