Monday, October 25, 2010


After the …surprises… with the little Art-o-mat paintings last week, I’ve learned a few things:

Coating the blocks with matte medium sealed them enough to prevent the paint from running. Well, except for a few blocks, which needed a second coat.

The pink, blue, and yellow origami paper absorbs the matte medium unevenly and I don’t like how they look. Even coating them with matte medium and letting them dry beforehand doesn’t help. Once I glue the shapes to the blocks, I’m sunk. I like transparency, but not here. I won’t use the paper for Art-o-mat anymore; I’ll have to save it for other projects.

The green, white, and purple papers behave nicely so I can use them. Go figure.

I have to only cut a few new shapes from my old paper. Phew!

All in all, I only lost a few blocks, so I’m happy. Onward and upward.

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