Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010 Word of the Year: Venture

My word for 2009 was “Path”. It served me well and I’ve thought about keeping it as my word again this year. I haven’t reached the end of my path, certainly, and need to keep reminding myself to stay on my path and keep moving forward.

I wanted something to keep me on my path and help me build on the work I’ve done this year, but also push me to go farther. 2010 feels like a year for growth and change.

With that in mind, I tried on words like: path (again), progress, forward, depth, intensity, joy, engage, growth, venture. Something warm and inviting to encourage exploration. Something with a sense of expansiveness.

I’ve decided on the word “Venture”. Venture farther down the path. Venture a little farther afield. Venture out. Start a new venture, perhaps. In my mind, it has the connotation of getting out, going farther, trying something new. It also implies a some risk and going forward despite uncertainty.

I’ve been so focused on staying in my studio and working, that I’m feeling a need to get out – visit galleries, network with other artists, make new friends, spend time with my current friends. (They’ve been very patient with me as I build my art, but I can’t neglect them.) I’m also feeling a need to try new materials, work larger, and push myself.

Stick around and see where I’ll venture to this year!

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