Sunday, January 03, 2010

Forgetting to Call You Back

I've finally completed my project for the Sketchbook Library Project sponsored by the Art House Co-op!

The Art House Co-Op offered artists the opportunity to sign up and receive both a blank sketchbook and a mystery theme. The artist's task is to fill up the sketchbook with words and images based on that theme.

Sounded like fun. So I signed up.

I received my book and my theme: "Forgetting to Call You Back". Huh? What on earth could I do with that theme?

I don't forget to call people back. (I forget lots of other things, but not that.) My friends are all good at calling me back...except...well...there is this one. She doesn't remember to return calls.


As you see as you browse through the pages of my sketchbook, I fiddled and dawdled and finally hit upon an idea. My book will go in the mail to Art House in the morning.

Art House will collect all the books and then send them on exhibit to 5 cities: Atlanta, Brooklyn, St. Louis, Los Angeles, and Chicago. The books will be accessible to visitors so that they can browse through them, just as with regular library books. After the exhibits, the books will remain in a permanent sketchbook library.

See more details about the Sketchbook Library Project on the Art House Co-Op web site.

And in case you happen to be in the Atlanta-Brooklyn-St. Louis-LA-Chicago area, stop in to see the books on exhibit:

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