Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Call for Entries - Color me Cleveland

From Artists Archives of the Western Reserve []

AAWR is looking for a few good artists!

Color me Cleveland, scheduled to take place from June 19 – 26. 2009, will be a city-wide festival of "plein-aire" art, the second in an annual fund-raising series held by the Artists Archives of the Western Reserve. We want to promote public awareness of the unique contributions of Ohio artists to the region's visual artistic heritage while at the same time celebrate Cleveland's parks, architecture, and public spaces.

On the "Painting Days," Friday, June 19th, Saturday, June 20th, and Sunday, June 21st, artists will spread out around Cleveland and surrounding areas, creating works in a variety of media at 10 - 13 pre-arranged outdoor locations. Advance publicity and notice through the area media will generate wide public awareness of the event, attracting audiences to the artists as they work.

In addition to a dozen or so distinguished Archived Artists who have agreed to participate, the AAWR is seeking twenty-eight artists to paint, sculpt, draw, photograph, and otherwise inform and perform on the Painting Days. The following day works will be brought to the Archives gallery facility on East 123rd, where they will be displayed during a week-long silent auction and during scheduled receptions. The week is concluded on Friday, June 26th with the Gala during which guests will enjoy food, drink, and entertainment while participating in a live final auction.

The Archives will receive a 60 % commission on all sales.

Entry is free, and many of Cleveland's best-known artists will receive this invitation – so please act now.

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Circle all that apply:

Yes I wish to participate in Color Me Cleveland as an exhibiting artist

Yes I wish to participate in the event as a volunteer

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