Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Vision Journal

Have you signed up for Christine Kane’s ebook on Vision Boards yet? I did, and wow has it gotten me rolling!

The Process

I started with the writing exercise and the Be Have Do list. Then, I browsed through magazines cutting out images and text that resonated with me. I sorted them into groups, and spent every night for a week arranging and gluing pages.

The Pages

So far, I have an 8 page double spread in my journal. I chose to use a journal rather than a board because I carry my journal with me all day long. I wanted to be able to keep the images with me and be able to look at them anytime.

I didn’t buy a special journal. Instead, I used my everyday journal. The paper is thin and lined. Now that they’re loaded up with pictures and glue, the pages are a little wrinkly and warped – but hey, so am I! I thought about ironing them to take out the wrinkles and then decided to leave them alone. Nobody’s perfect and my pages don’t have to be either.

Each double-page spread has a common theme, and each spread has a different intent -- some are about a specific goal or desire while others evoke a general feeling or state of mind that I want to expand in my life.

Now that they’re done, most of the pages focus on my core values. Not one page focuses on material stuff. I didn’t intend for it to work out that way, but it did. Very cool.

I flip through my journal several times a day. Sometimes I’ll open it to a certain page and leave it on my desk or kitchen counter so I can look at it while I’m working or cooking. The feeling I get from looking at the pages is complex: happy, yes, but more than that. Satisfied, warm, proud, hopeful. Anticipatory. All of that. And more.

Here are a few pics. Yeah, I've made them small and fuzzy. The pages are personal, so I hope you’ll understand.

The Results
Results? Already? You bet. After only a few days, little things have already started to change. Not magically, let’s be honest. Christine emphasizes the importance of not only thinking about your dreams but also acting on them. Because the vision journal helped me clarify my wants and desires, I’ve started to take action on them. I’ve found myself being open for opportunities and putting myself in situations that move me closer to my goals. Small steps, sometimes, but steps nonetheless in the direction of my dreams.

How About You?

Have you made a vision board or vision journal? What's it like?

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