Monday, February 02, 2009

The Same Goes For The Computer

My electronic gadgets are in cahoots to suck the life right out of my life*. My computer is as big a time drain as the TV.

I’m done with their siren song. It doesn’t keep me on my path.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s a place for entertainment and relaxation in my life. TV and movies are also great art forms and they’re part of our collective consciousness. They can be life-changing.

But sometimes they’re not.

And they can hold me back from doing other things that are also important. Balance is important. I need to balance sitting and doing, passive and active.

So, heretofore and henceforth, my goal is no more than 8 hours on the computer a week. Yes, I know it’s valuable – social networking, blogging, twittering, commenting in forums, updating Etsy and my web site. But Great Gravy can it take up time!

I’m hoping that by turning off the TV and the computer, I’ll open up time to paint. Not to mention what it could do for my electric bill.

* p.s. I’m well aware that it’s not the gadgets’ fault.

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